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Fresh Fruits Squeeze Sour (Chu-hi Cocktai) Specialty Shop Opens!

Nara Prefecture's first fresh Sour (Chu-hi mixed cocktail) specialty store "color" will be grandly opened on August 4th.

It is said that young people don’t drink much anymore. "Color" adopts alcohol as a part of lifestyle and accessories, and offering "fashionable and cute" Chu-Hi that is easy to reach for young people.In order to enjoy the real taste, the Sour uses seasonal fresh fruits suitable for the season, and it is provided with fresh squeeze of the fresh, so it is easy to drink and  t is recommended for people who are not good at drinking.There are 15 kinds of Sour such as "Marugoto Strawberry" 1000yen (tax included),
"Kiwi" 700yen (tax included),
"Watermelon" 700yen (tax included). Mocktail can be served. Also, there are many dishes matching with alcohol available.

Also, commigrating of the open, it will hold a play event on August 3. If you post a photo with  #colorjapan, you can get one drink free.Check out the fresh squeeze Sour cocktails offered by "color", which is likely to be a new trend!

■ "color"
Address: 17, Ganriin-chō, Nara-shi, Nara