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Sunglasses that Protect "Eyes" and "Skin" from Harsh Summer Sunlight Appear!

"Aigan Glasses" is offering "UV420 & NIR CUT SUNGLASSES 4216", the original sunglasses that cut UV rays, high energy visible rays and near infrared in Aigan’s nationwide stores from August 2.

Based on the concept of "healthy eyes" and "beauty of eyes", the original lens "Aigan UV420 series" has sold a total of 960,000 copies as the sunglasses that can cut harmful rays since its launch in 2015.

"UV420 & NIR CUT SUNGLASSES 4216" 15,000 yen (tax excluded) can cut about 99.9% of UV (harmful ultraviolet light of 100 to 400 nm) and 94% of HEV (strong visible light of 400 to 420 nm). Also, as it has long wavelength and reaches from deep part of dermis to muscle, and it can cut 50% of near infrared rays (infrared rays of 760 to 1400 nm) which causes aging such as wrinkles.

In addition, this new product adopts "arriate-tress color" as a lens color that works hiding skin dullness and making skin look more beautiful. Adopting the trendy Boslington design, while protecting the area around thin eyes sufficiently, but it looks natural.
The color variations are "LBR",
And "DBR".

Check out the original sunglasses by "Aigan glasses" that protect your eyes and skin from the summer sun!