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Chazuke (Pouring Tea on Rice) with Shaved Ice "Hiya Dejiru Chazuke"

How about trying a new sense of "Ochazuke shaved ice" for this summer?

5 branches of "kawara CAFE & DINING" such as Shinjuku main branch, Shinjuku east, Udagawa, Shibuya bunka st., and Yokohama is offering "Hiya Dejiru Chazuke" (Cold rice with green tea topped on) for lunch time only until August 31st.

"Hiya Dejiru Chazuke" is cold shaved ice on rice and eat rice with melting shaved ice.

Shaved ice is made with frozen fish stock soup, so the flavor is perfectly matching with rice. There are sprinkled crunchy plums on the shaved ice, and the color of plums is so bright and beautiful.
The recommendation is "Hiya Dejiru Chazuke and Rare tuna cutlet" 1100yen (tax included). "Rare tuna cutlet" is deep fried cutlet with rare tuna inside, and it is not only crispy, but inside is so moist.In addition of this, "Hiya Dejiru Chazuke with Sea bream marinated on Saikyo flavor" 1100yen (tax included),
"Chicken breast  with Chinese mala sauce and Hiya Dejiru Chazuke" 1100yen (tax included) are available.

Cold Chazuke is perfect food for hot and steamy summer. Let’ try them!