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Enjoy the summer at over-water restaurant in Sajima, where overlooking the crystal clear waters!

It is in mid of Summer season now! But some of you still wondering what are you doing for summer holiday. Sajima island in Kanagawa where you can experience extraordinary time even it is just one hour away from Tokyo is the recommended spot for you where you can

It is declared one after another after the rainy season, and finally it is getting hot in summer! However, there are not many people who still have a summer plan yet ... What I would recommend for such a person is Sajima in Kanagawa Prefecture, where you can experience unusual experiences in just one hour from Tokyo."MARINE & FARM" in Sajima island is a superb view restaurant in front of clear ocean. It offers meals using Shonan's rich ingredients with the concept of local production for local consumption.
"Local green salad made with Miura vegetables" is one of the signature food in the restaurant using fresh vegetables that arrive from Aoki Farm every morning. Vegetables grown on the rich soil with plenty of minerals because Mt. Fuji is located nearby are fresh and even sweet. Vegetable pizza with difference vegetables in each seasn is a popular dish by "MARINE & FARM". The pizza is tasty not only  the vegetables, but the pizza dough baked in the store is delicious!In addition, there are many dishes made with  local ingredients such as egg dishes which is used eggs by "Iwawazawa Port Lee" in Yokosuka, and panna cottas using milk made in Yokosuka Sekiguchi Farm.Also pasta using raw pasta, French toast using Shonan local eggs, and aqua pazza using plenty of  local fresh seafood. In addition, you can see beautiful ocean view overlooking Mt. Fuji and Izu Oshima island from the terrace seat on sunny day! At evening, you can watch the moment when the scenery changes gradually with beautiful breeze.

"MARINE & FARM" where you can enjoy delicious food while looking at the scenery of Sajima that shows various expressions depending on the weather. Let’s visit extraordinary space where you can enjoy the feeling of excursions!

Address: 3-8-35 Sajima, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture