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Theater Restaurant to Enjoy Hello Kitty Featuring Show and Food!

"HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX", to enjoy show and dining featuring Sanrio's most popular character Hello Kitty, will open in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture on August 12.

"HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX" has a concept like "the entire facility is full of joy and surprise". It is a theater restaurant with a new sense of surprise and excitement, with featuring Hello Kitty. It is holding "Hello Kitty Dream Gallery" which is expressed Hello Kitty's dream with media art such as 3D hologram, and "Hello Kitty Dream Entertainment Show" with singing, dancing and playing in the venue.

As for the food, you can taste "The dish of '?'" "which is not only looking fun but "healthy" dishes such as vegan food and organic foods.
Also, in the facility there are "Hello Kitty that appears at the center of the field" can not be seen from the ground, and "HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX Shop" which offering Hello Kitty goods only available here. Find memorable goods here.

The fee of "HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX" is 6,800 yen for adult, 4,400 yen for children 4-12 for lunch or dinner, 3500 yen for adult and 1750yen for 4 to 12 years for cafe (tax excluded). Discounts with early booking and some other occasions are available, so don’t forget to check the official site.Let’s enjoy Hello Kitty as much as possible at "HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX"

Address: 177-5,Nojima Hirabayashi, Awaji, Hyogo

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