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"Iida Umbrella Exhibition" Will Be ON Natioal Art Center

"Iida Umbrella Store Umbrella and Parasol Exhibition" will be held from July 24 to October 7 at SFT GALLERY of "Souveni Afrom Tokyo" in National Art Center, Roppongi, Tokyo.

“Souveni Afrom Tokyo” is a museum shop that launches new designs and arts fromTokyo, from manga to art books, crafts and works by young designers, regardless of their profile and genre.
"Iida Umbrella Store" is an order made service umbrella store headed by umbrella artist Yoshihisa Iida. Every year, it made individual umbrellas with new textiles for umbrellas.

"Iida Umbrella Store Umbrella and Parasol Exhibition" will offer not only umbrellas but sell booklet "Sketch" which are gathered drawing works by Yoshihisa Iida.

Let’s find your favorite ambarella here that make you excite during depressional rainy season! he National Art Center, Tokyo is closed every Tuesday.

■National Art Center
Address: 7-22-2roppongi, Minato, Tyokyo