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"ATOM Do Honpo", A Osamu Tezuka Specialty Shop & Cafe Opens in Asakusa!

"ATOM Do Honpo TEZUKA OSAMU SHOP & CAFE", a specialty store for legendary comic author Tezuka Osamu related goods, has opened in the Nishisando Shopping District in Asakusa. The theme of this shop is 「Integrate "manga", "animation", "characters" by Osamu Tezuka and Japanese culture」.It offers multi-purpose areas in the venue such as goods shop, cafe, gallery & workshop booth.
"ATOM Do Honpo" (Atom is well known as Astro Boy in oversea) will hold an event where you can experience playing with AI robot "Communication Robot ATOM" with supervised by Tezuka Production which is made of inspiring by Astro Boy.
In the gallery space on the 3rd floor, there is specified space where you can watch and touch the Astro Boy robot during summer. Also it will hold the workshop event to build the AI robot using the AI robot kit "Communication robot Atom (Astro Boy) assembly kit" 90000 yen (tax excluded) on August 10 and 24. It will complete building with 2 days and it will instruct how to use the AI robot.

The participation fee for this course is 120,000 yen (tax not included) including ATOM (Astro Boy) assembly kit purchase + training cost. To apply, call Kodansha ATOM's editorial department. The application deadline is July 31.
Don’t you feel new era is coming the fact that we can actually communicate with AI robots inspired by Astro Boy, which is popular all over the world. Anyway let’s go to "ATOM Do Honpo" to experience ATOM and Osamu Tezuka world!

Address: 2-7-13 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo