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Lovely "Lugia" and "Ho-Oh" Cakes are Appeared in Pokemon Cafe!

The second version of foods featuring Pokemon characters which are in "Pokemon Gold & Silver" at the popular Pokemon Cafe surrounded by adorable Pokemon characters will be appeared from June 20 to September 6!

This time, Pokemon characters "Lugia" and "Ho-Oh" are featured. Both characters are from  legendary Pokemon game soft "Pocket Monsters Gold and Silver" released in 1999."Shaved ice dessert plate with Lugua and Whirl Islands" is a combination plate with Lugia designed cake and fresh lemon-flavored Whirl Island shaved ice on one plate. The price is 1922 yen (tax included).
"Ice cream dessert plate with Ho-oh and rainbow feathers" is a combination plate with a Ho-oh shaped strawberry-flavored cake and ice cream inspired of rainbow feather. The price is 1922 yen (tax included).

Please try the new sweets at Pokemon Cafe, which will make everyone feel happy, not just "Pokemon Gold and Silver" fans.

■"Pokémon Café"
Address: East tower 5F in Nihonbashi Takashimaya, 2-11-2, Nihonbashi, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo

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