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Enjoy Parfait at Night! Fantastic Illumination at "Lantern night"

"Yokohama Bay Quarter", a shopping mall at the east exit of Yokohama Station will hold an event "Lantern Night" to enjoy summer nights for a limited period from July 20 to September 8.

"Lantern Night" is a light-up event that images the lantern festival of Hoi An, Vietnam's ancient capital city, which has recently gained popularity among young women as a destination for overseas travel.Under the theme of "The illumination of a midsummer night that begins with the dusk"、"Bay garden" on the rooftop garden is decorated with colorful lanterns, and the day is buzzing, and the night is surrounded by fantastic light, you can spend a different special night.After watching the lantern, it is recommended to have "parfait at nighttime" which has become a secret boom now.
At the venue, more than 10 kinds of trendy parfaits and sweets will be appeared such as "Dag special pecan pie sundae" by the bistro "BUTTERMILK CHANNEL" from Brooklyn just opened in April, and "Roasted tea bobaffle" by the California cafe "Urth Caffé" that people are lined.

The last order is at 22:00 and the closing at 23:00, so you can enjoy here as "the second cafe" for you need talk lots more with friends.

In addition, there are lots of events to enliven the nighttime such as vintage Marche and night market around the weekend during the period!

Entry charge is free. Illumination will be started from 5 pm.

Please stop at "lantern night" where has the exotic atmosphere as if you were in the resort island.

■"Yokohama Bay Quarte"
1-10 Kinkocho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 221-0056