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10th Anniversary Event will be Held at "Belgium Beer Weekend 2019 Osaka"

"Belgium Beer Weekend 2019 Osaka" will be held at Osaka Castle Park Square soon which is the best time for drinking beer outside. This is annual event but for this year, it will be held for 11 days from July 11 to 21 which is double time of usual year."Belgian Beer Weekend 2019 Osaka" offers 75 kinds of beers including 15 kinds of beers that are new to be here. Though there are so many varieties, you can find you favorite ones because it has tasting chart and classified into 11 types to easy to choose.The event offers rare beers such as trappist beer, IPA, white beer and fruit beer.

It also offers "Belgian beer drink comparison set" for 100 people a day and "BBW Boutique" booth, so you can find your favorite beer in the event.

In addition, many 10 years accommodation events will be held!

For the concept of "URBAN ESCAPE" to release yourself from hustle and bustle of urban city, it will appear a special area collaborated with outdoor brand "DOD". Also, there are talk shows and games organized by BBW navigators, and "BBW original anniversary cake" and "Belgian round-trip pair ticket" can be received.

Luxurious 4-seater lounge tables will be set again, so if you want to enjoy luxurious atmosphere here, you can book them.
"Belgian Beer Weekend 2019 Osaka" will be held 16:00 to 22:00 for weekdays, 11:00 to 22:00 for weekends, 11:00 to 22:00 for the last day from July 11 to 21. The event will be held in the case of raining.

Let’s have a great holiday at "Belgian Beer Weekend 2019 Osaka" which will be countless fun things.