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Rooftop Outdoor Pool in Kobe Portopia Hotel Opens for Day and Night!

Kobe Portopia Hotel will offer "Loop garden pool" for day time and "Portopia Night Pool" for night time on rooftop pool area from July 6 to September.Every Thursday, it will hold "Family Night" in "Portopia Night Pool" which minor can join night pool including family with young children to enjoy the atmosphere of night pool except for August 15.At the poolside, the highly popular "Tapioca Drink" 800 yen (tax and service charges included) will be appeared first time. The flavor is four kinds such as milk tea, matcha milk, mango and strawberry milk. You can top whipped cream on it with additional 100 yen.Also "Fruits Jar", which was well received last year, will be appeared again with three kinds such as orange, berry mix and pineapple. These are available with either "Soda up" 1200yen (tax and service charge included) or "Sparkling wine up" 1600yen (tax and service charge included).There are also 18 of foods available to order. Enjoy the luxurious beach resort atmosphere by beautiful poolside with friends, lovers and families! For more details, please check the website of Kobe Portopia Hotel.