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Cute but Healthy! Japanese and Western Mixed Sweets Offered by Long Established Sweets Shop

A new restaurant brand "Daisan Manendo HANARE" of "Daisan Manendo" where is a long-established Japanese-style confectionery shop founded in the middle of the Edo period, will be grandly opened on the first floor of Waterras Mall in Awajicho, Tokyo on June 19.
The brand organized by the 13th master, Reika Yasuhara, who also actives as a Japanese sweets researcher, supply its unique sweets mixed with Japanese and western features of sweets, as the keyword of Warm old wisdom.A specially-made dessert drink "Amazake cheese tea" with a thick cheese cream made from sweet sake and mascarpone cream, with carefully extracted domestic tea leaves have 2 kinds such as "Special pudding cheese tea" 750 yen (tax excluded) and "Tapioca Cheese tea" 650 yen (tax excluded).In addition, it offers healthy "Guilty free sweets" such as the colorful "Yasuhara style parfait" that uses soy milk cream.

Furthermore, as a signature food, under the cooperation of "Grico Nutrition Foods Co., Ltd.", hybrid Japanese sweet "Dorapan" which use rice flour bread, red bean paste, soy milk cream, strawberries will be appeared.There are 4 kind of "Dorapan" such as "Anko Butter" 450yen (tax excluded),"Strawberry Pistachio" 500yen (tax excluded),"Roasted Tea Chocolate" 450yen (tax excluded),"Japanese Egg Omelet" 450yen (tax excluded).
In addition, healthy Japanese set meal "Obanzai" 1200 yen (tax excluded) which you can eat various small size side dishes as "Tsukiji deli collaboration ",You can also enjoy special meals such as "Tofu-meshi" 1000 yen (tax excluded) topped with tofu and special-simmered beef stew on rice.

Let's try lovely and healthy sweets & foods there as soon as you can!

■"Daisan Manendo HANARE"
Address: 1st of Waraste Mall, 2-105, Awajicho, Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo