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Fresh Tapioca Japanese Tea Latte! Japanese Tea Specialty Shop "Ichika" Opens

With the arrival of an unprecedented tapioca boom, Japanese tea specialty shop "Ichika" where you can enjoy fresh Japanese tea latte wit tapioca opened on June 10.
"Ichika" where you can enjoy authentic tea casually, uses premium tea leaves produced in Kagoshima and serve it in front of you. Kagoshima's tea, grown in the best conditions for tea production, is rich in color and taste, and boasts the highest quality in Japan.The lineup includes "Matcha latte" 550 yen (tax included), "Japanese black tea latte" 500 yen (tax included), and “Hoji tea latte” 500
yen (tax included).
Also, "Ichika" offers "tapioca toppings" for 50 yen (tax included), "Tapioca double" 100 yen (tax included) as a new style of tea. Fresh tapioca with chewy texture is prepared daily in the store, is sweetened mildly so as not to harm the flavor of the tea.

Let's enjoy the new taste of Japanese tea latte x Tapioca at "Ichika"!

Address: 1-14-4, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo