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Beautiful Like Japanese Traditional Umbrealla with 12 Ribs!

In the rain, there are not few people who have the experience to keep eye on beautiful umbrellas that looks totally difference atmosphere and shape?

"12 Ribs" which is a umbrella brand inspired of Japanese traditional umbrella presented by plastic Umbrella brand “Happy Clear Umbrella” which is well received shop to provide lovely designee of umbrella is now available.

Let’s check out the stylish and cool umbrellas that make you happy for this depressive rainy season!
The "Happy Clear Umbrella 12 Ribs" inspired by the Japanese umbrella, are umbrellas made with 12-piece Ribs that brings elegant and Japanese-atmosphere. Because it is transparent, you can see outside well for the safe, and because it is not likely to be a shadow, it will make the clothes and face looks bright and clear.

In addition, not only the elegance of appearance but also durability is improved from having 12 Ribs. It's tough, light and easy to use, so it's safe to use.

Also, it adopted automatic opening function. It is big size like 58.5cm, so you won’t get wet easily.

It uses environmentally friendly polyethylene material that does not generate dioxin.
There are three kinds of patterns such as Hydrangea, Goldfish and Morning glory.

As it suits not only everyday clothes but also Japanese-style clothes and yukata, it seems to be suitable for summer festivals.

Let's become "umbrella beauty" with "Happy Clear umbrella 12 Ribs" which bring out Japanese calm atmosphere when it gets wet with rain.