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Beer Garden for French Foods with Skewers in Gorgeous White Mansion

"Bayside beer garden-Kushi de French-" will be held on a specific day from June to September at a wedding reception, the Yokohama Art Grace Portside Villa in Yokohama."Bayside beer garden-Kushi de French-" offers 20 kinds of gorgeous French foods with skewers including "foie gras". This is a beer garden with skewer style French foods, beer and cocktails with all you can eat system.Including organic vegetables purchased from contract farmers, all foods are so fresh and carefully selected by chefs.
The venue, Yokohama Art Grace Portside Villa, is a large white mansion with a good location 7 minutes' walk from Yokohama Station. Table seats can be arranged on the garden terrace full of green and on the poolside lighted up depending on the day, so you can enjoy resort atmosphere as if you were visiting a resort area while being in the center of Yokohama.It offers 3 plans such as "Standard plan" 5500 yen, "Soft drink plan" 5000 yen for soft drinks only, and "Gorgeous plan" with sparkling wine 6000 yen (all tax and sur charges included). For further details, please check the official website.This is such a gorgeous atmosphere beer garden. The place would be photogenic for SNS!

■"Yokohama Art Grace Portside Villa"
Address: 1-4, Onocho, Yokohama, kanagawa