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Retro and Cute! "Magic Ink" offers "Magnet Inc"

Even though it is magic, "Can't write on anything"? The popular product "Magic ink" become magnets! "Magnet Ink" All 10 colors / 500 yen each (tax excluded) will be released from Heso Production in early June.

Japan’s most famous and first made permanent marker "Magic Ink" was released in 1953 by Teranishi Chemical Industry which can be written on anything.Such a long sales product "Magic Ink" has released "Magnet Ink" as one of the collaboration seriesAs Magnet Ink is made by real lit of Magic Inc, it looks like real Magic Inc. That looks so real, so you want to write something to take off the cap, but please note, you can’t write.There are all 10 colors (black, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, purple, sky, peach) with blind package, so you can’t pick color but fun to guess what color you will pick. So, some of you may be wanting to collect all colors.This Retro and cute "Magnet Ink" is sure to be good decoration on a white board in office or on the fridge in your house.