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Affordable "Yamanaka Lacquer Series" will Be available fom KEYUCA

The interior shop "KEYUCA", which develops about 50 stores mainly in Kanto, has launched a new lacquer ware series "Yamanaka lacquer series" with reasonable price that applies Yamanaka lacquer to natural wood! There are wide range of products such as chopsticks and lunch boxes.

This series is characterized by the expressive appearance of natural wood and the classy and calm color of Yamanaka lacquer.

Purchasing wood material by China and applying lacquering in Kaga, Ishikawa on it to make affordable price.

You can enjoy uniqueness of lacquer with the gloss increases shine and the color changes brightly as you use it.This is a "natural wood bowl with 3 sizes". The price is "small" 1090 yen, "medium" 1190 yen, "large" 1290 yen (all tax excluded), it is nice to be aligned with the family.For the lunch box, it offers "Natural wood small size Koban Wappa 460" 2490 yen (tax excluded) and "Natural wood narrow long and small size Wappa 440" 2790 yen (tax excluded). It recommends to use together with "Natural wood chopsticks set" 1500 yen (tax excluded). the lunch time would be more fun with them.
In addition, it will offer noodle cup and plate for buckwheat noodle which are useful for the coming summer.

"Yamanaka lacquer series" would be ease the summer heat in daily life.