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Variations are Countless! Cute Watch Kits that You can Make Your Own Original Watches

Mega House will release "MixWatch Girly Bitter" and "MixWatch Milky Suite" 4500 yen (tax excluded) that offer over 1 million way to create your own original watches for girls who enjoy making their original items at nationwide toyshops from mid August.This spcial kits that allows you to create your own original analog wristwatch by combining the watch body with belt parts, frame parts, deco parts, design films without using any tools.Because the numbers of combination of parts are innumerable, you can enjoy various arrangements, such as coordination with your clothes and accessories, and matching for the scenes such as dating. In addition, By combining "Girly Bitter" with Gothic color base
and "Milky Suite" with pastel color bases, you can create more various combinations!

The watch body uses a high-quality Japanese-made products, and the belt parts are made of  plastic material that is resistant to dirt, so active children can be used without worried.

Let’s try making cute watches that stirring up girls heart!