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"eph KYOTO" that Feels the Atmosphere of Back Alleys in Kyoto Opens!

A hotel "eph KYOTO" that feels the atmosphere of back alleys in Kyoto will open in front of Kyoto Station on June 1.

The concept is "effect" with radical and unique spaces.

In the international city of Kyoto, historical heritage, rich nature, new cultures and customs that appear with the times and generations are intricately intertwined, and various things have continued to be produced daily.

"eph KYOTO" is one of those. An exciting place that reflects Kyoto’s traditional atmosphere and modernism will be the only one in the world.The innovative space is designed by an famous architecture Shin Takamatsu based on Kyoto.In the building, various innovative decorations are displayed such as the reception with bamboo forest which evokes Arashiyama in Kyoto, exterior with "textile" and "metal craft" which was created by the traditional Kyoto craftsmen.
Once getting in the guest rooms, you will find amazing decorations such as gold and silver checkerboarded walls and ceiling made by cherry trees. Outside the window, there is the wall that is reminiscent of "Karesansui" symbolizing Kyoto's sense of beauty, so you can feel Kyoto here even in the hotel rooms.

There are 3 types of rooms: "Eph Twin Kitchen", "Eph Hollywood Twin Kitchen" and "Eph Hollywood Twin without Kitchen". There are also connecting rooms that connect two rooms together and able to stay with 4 people.There are also home appliances such as microwave ovens and washing machines, and other complimentary amenities. For the breakfast buffet, it offers freshly made Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes at the lounge.

Enjoy a trip to Kyoto and stay at "eph KYOTO", where is conveniently located to 3-minute walk from Kyoto Station Hachijoguchi.

■"eph KYOTO"
URL: https://eph-hotel.com/kyoto/
Address: 5-6 Nishisannocho Higashikujo, Minami-ku Kyoto-shi 601-8003