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Enjoy Fully Attraction of Kamimomi Rice Terrace! Experience Yoga at Side Road of the Rice Terrace

A yoga event "TANADA YOGA in Kamimomi Tanada, Okayama Prefecture" will be held on June 9 in Okayama Prefecture, utilizing terraced rice field.

This event will be held to revitalize the Kamimomi rice terrace in Kumenan-cho, Okayama Prefecture, which was also selected as "One of the best 100 rice terraces in Japan."

Kumenan-cho recorded 44.3% of the aging population rate which is the highest in Okayama Prefecture, and aging and population decline are major issues. Also, in recent years, abandoned farming areas have become prominent in terraced rice fields in Kamimomi region, and maintenance of the farm and mountains, a shared asset of the area, is becoming difficult.

Therefore, it has decided to hold a yoga event with the aim of launch the attraction of Kamimomi rice terrace and expanding the communication population in the area.

At the event, it will use the dirt road of the rice terrace for Yoga. You can experience meditation and yoga programs while feeling the nature of the area with the beautiful rice terrace scenery in the background. The instructor is Olivier Charles, the representative of YOGART.

For the second part after the lunch, you can enjoy many events such as the drum performance by a performance group "Kotan" based in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, the drum trial workshop, "Rice grain art experience" by a rice grain artist Reika Okabe, and "Kamimochi Marche" which sells regional rice, snacks and sweets.

Also, a lottery event to win the local rice, sweet sake, shopping coupon and free meal tickets will be on!

It will be open from 9:00 to 15:00 and it will be canceled for rain occasion. Entry fee is 2000yen (tax included) and maximum capacity is 200 people. You should entry early as possible not to miss.