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"Vintage Glass Collection" which Printed Studio Ghibli Characters With American Pop Art Atmosphere Appeared!

"Vintage Glass Collection" which use some scene of Studio Ghibli movies as motif appeared! It will be available from the end of May at the nationwide “Donguri Republic" stores and online stores “Soranoue”.

The "Vintage Glass Collection" features American comic-style pop art for six of Studio Ghibli works such as "Castle in the Sky", "My Neighbor Totoro", "Kiki's Delivery Service", "Porco Rosso", " Whisper of the Heart" and "Spirited Away".

The classic design of the glass made in Japan is easy to use and perfect for the interior of the room. Those boxes are also lovely and colorful with American comic features design. Those boxes are good for keeping as your collection, as well.
The collection is 950yen each such as "Castle in the Sky Vintage glass collection, BOOM","Porco Rosso Vintage glass collection, FWOOSHH!!!!","My Neighbor Totoro Vintage glass collection, GAOOOO",
"Whisper of the Heart Vintage glass collection, COUNTRY ROAD","Kiki's Delivery Service Vintage glass collection, HEY","Spirited Away Vintage glass collection, HEAVE!".

All scenes printed on the glasses are very famous in the story! You will use glasses more often for the coming season, so why don’t you use these as your new favorite glasses? Get all kinds of glass for your family!