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Night Show is Upgraded, too! "Pikachu mass outbreak Chu! 2019"

A Pokemon event "Pikachu mass outbreak Chu! 2019" will be held in Minato Mirai, Yokohama during the period from August 6th to 12th.
This year, as the sixth year, Pikachu performances will be held every night with Minato Mirai's beautiful night view and technology. More than 2000 Pikachus, one of the largest in the past, will appear all over in Minato Mirai.There are many contents that both kids and adults can enjoy such as Pikachu’s team performance with newest LED technology, the performance which merge huge fountain and Pikachu with background of Yokohama Bay Bridg, and the largest performance ever made by 50 Pikachu!
"Pikachu's Marching" and "Eevee's Marching", which were popular last year, will be performed to boost the whole event.

Also, one of the fun things is that photogenic Pokemon decorations are all over the area and it is fun to take photo with them. Taking photos with your friends and family, and make great memory!

There is no membership fee. Check out the official website for each event!
This event is always big buzz every year. Let’s go to Minato-Mirai to experience the Pokemon event "Pikachu mass outbreak Chu! 2019"!

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