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Peach & Mango Dessert Buffet with Treasure Hunt!

Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa will hold "Peach & Mango's Dessert Buffet-Jungle Friends and Treasure Hunt". From June 1st.It is a experience type dessert buffe to be enjoyed sweets while searching for treasures. First, receive a treasure map for finding out four treasures by the guide, and follow the hints written in the map to find the four treasures such as magical sweet, jewely, shiny treasure, and illusional weapon hidden in the dessert buffet and its surroundings.At DIY sweets corner, soft serve ice cream and shaved ice appear, and you can make your own unique dessert topping with your favorite. Also, along with desserts, the Dagger Stick Salad, Treasure Chicken Nuggets, and Boiled Fried Potatoes are also lined on the buffet, so it's perfect for a late lunch after a great day out in the summer sun.The rate is 3,300 yen for adults with one plate & buffet (tax and sur charge excluded), 2,950yen (tax and sur charge excluded) for just buffet only. Snd both have a drink bar. It is available on Friday to Sunday, and PH from June 1 to September 2. Also it open for Obon period like August 13 to 16.

Why don’t you have a great summer memory to enjoy lots of peach and mango sweets at Odawara where is close from Atami and Hakone.