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Fun Things are all in One Package! Outdoor Film Festival is Held

The hugely popular movie festival "Film festival 2019 - The Earth and the human fall in love" where festival lovers gather will be held at ex Nantan City Nishihonme Elementary School from 7pm of August 10 to 5pm of 11.
What is the best of this film is "enjoyable".
This time on the theme is "love". Not only enjoying movies outdoors, but it is full package of fun such as favorite movies, favorite spaces, stalls, beer, ball pool party, camping, starry sky, forest and outdoor.

In addition, "Haunted house" using the closed school which was very popular last year is upgraded and more scary!
Furthermore, "sky lantern" which colors the night sky surrounded by a forest and a star with fantastic light will be a big highlight this time. All age ranges from kids to adults can enjoy big time in the event.
The price is 12,000 yen for adult, 9,000 yen for students, and elementary school students and younger are free. Also, if purchasing before end of June, it will be discounted 45%. So, go and get early as possible! How about going out such content-rich outdoor film festival for memory of summer holiday?

■ "Ex Nishihonme Elementary School"
Address: Minami Hatta Nakayama 17, Sonobecho, Nantan-city, Kyoto Prefecture