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First in Japan! A Cafe Style aquarium Displaying 2000 fishes Opens at Koshigaya!

Japan's first cafe-type aquarium "Jewelry Aquarium", which displays 2000 fishes as beautiful as jewels, will be opened in third floor of the large shopping mall "Aeon Lake Town Kaze" in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture from June 12 to July 7!"Jewelry aquarium" will be a healing place with 300 m2 site where you can enjoy the aquarium while relaxing, as well as refreshments such as drinks and sweets.
During the period, the store will also provide an AI pictorial book application "LINNÉ LENS" that displays fish names and information simply by holding the smartphone over the water tank.If you install the "LINNÉ LENS" app and turn on location information in the venue, the free trial function will be expanded from 10 species to 30 species per day, and you will be able to enjoy watching the fish more. So, keep eye on the radical tactics that combining innovative design with the latest technology.
Opening hours are from 10:00 to 20:00. The fee is 800 yen and free for elementary school children and younger.

In addition, the crowdfunding platform "Campfire" is currently accepting support for securing the funds for setting up and operating the facility.

Why don’t you enjoy the world of healing with aquarium and coffee together?

■ "Aeon Lake Town Kaze"
Address: 4-2-2, Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama