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Unveiling a Baikal Seal Baby at the Sunshine Aquarium

The Baikal seal baby which is second domestic case in Japan will be opened to public from May 15.The Baikal seal baby is born on March 27. Gender is male, white hair began to fall off around 3 weeks of age, and now it has completely changed to silver gray hair.The baby graduated from milk and started to eat fish, but it is still a baby, and when the staff opens the door and enters the room, he comes up with crying like "moo-mu". When the staff rub their stomachs, they turn over on the stomach, and may even fall asleep.

Don't miss the chance to see such a cute Baikal Seal Baby!
Also, commemorating the birth of the baby, it will sell "Baical Seal Baby Original Acrylic Key Chain" 540 yen each (total 2 types) from May 15 with a limit of 100 each.

Furthermore, you can apply the baby's nickname at the venue from the same day. Why don’t you date at the cool aquarium in coming hot season and become godmother of the baby seal?