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20 Serves a Day! A Premium Shaved Ice with Freshly Cooked Rice flour Balls for Summer

The sweet shop "Arashiyama-no-Mura" located on the side of Togetsubashi bridge, Arashiyama will release premium items 20 serves a day, in commemoration of its 20th anniversary. The first release of the series is a premium shaved ice.The first release "Kiwami" 1200 yen (tax included) is shaved ice that has achieved fluffy texture with fine shaved ice. We offer for a limited time from June 1 to September 30.

For the syrup, it uses premium Kinako which is made with the Kyoto product black bean flour that have beautiful aroma roasted with very fine ground and non-additives white sugar.The best way to enjoy the shaved ice "Kiwami" contained white rice starch balls with 100% domestic ingredients that cooked every morning freshly and home-made sweet bean jam, is eating with pouring the homemade Kinako syrup gradually for keeping fluffy of the shaved ice texutre.As the four colored white balls are freshly cooked so it is perfect for cold shaved ice. You can enjoy it warm and fluffy or leaving for a while to get cool to enjoy the cold texture.

Let's spend a relaxing time with the premium shaved ice "Kiwami" at "Arashiyama-no-mura".

Address: 35-20, Tsukurimichi-cho, Saga-tenryuji temple, Ukyo-ward, Kyoto