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Get rid of the odor of men and deodorize brilliantly! "Hugging pillow for men"

"Hugging pillow" series with the distinctive U-shape, sold more than 120,000 pieces, will offer men-only hugging pillow "Hugging pillow for great man" from May 17.
"Hugging pillow for great man" 16,632 yen (tax included) features its unique shape that stretches like an arch. This pillow supports the entire shoulders so that it is not made some gap under the shoulder and ease the burden of your shoulder.It is a new type of pillow that you can feel like floating on the float by supporting the body without any pressure from the head to the shoulder like wrapping heavy arms to both shoulders.When sleeping sideways, has anyone ever experienced that "the lower arm gets dead"? "Hugging pillow for great man" divides the head and arms parts inside not to transit the weight of head directly to the arms, so that you don’t get dead arms easily.When you are not only sleeping but sitting up, it can create comfortable posture like sitting on an armchair to put it on your back. It can be used in various situations such as a pillow for reading when reading a book with down your face.
The stylish whole-black pillow has a cover that exerts a deodorizing effect on the odor of acetic acid, isovaleric acid, nonenal and ammonia, which causes aging odor and sweat odor. It uses adopted high antibacterial batting and Bincho charcoal pipe for middle material and realized comfortable sleeping with comfortable texture. It is also washable; you can keep it with hygienic condition.

The size is about 66 × vertical about 75 × height about 14 cm for the standard tyepe. Weight is about 1.65 kg. Products can be purchased from the "Sleep Factory" official website or the official Rakuten shop.

A perfect gift for Father's Day in terms of functionality and design. Do you consider it as a gift for your father.