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High-end Japanese Accomodation in Hokkaido!

"Shikotsuko-lake Tsuruga Villa Ao Noza", a high-class accommodation facility, opened in Shikotsu lake, Hokkaido on May 1st. All guest rooms has lake view & suite feature with more than 100 square meters that all rooms overlook Lake Shikotsuko.
In the separate wing, it has four executive suite villas with featuring privacy that can be used like your private villa. Each room stored a spacious private spa (with open aired bath with hot spring  & whirlpool function in inside bath) to enjoy the magnificent views of Hokkaido such as Lake Shikotsu-ko, the lake side of Mount Fuppushi, Mount Eniwadake and Mount Tarumae. You can spend luxury moments in the spacious private spa.It also features gorgeous foods. It offers luxurious Japanese Kaiseki cuisine featuring northern country ingredients which thoroughly examines the thing of the earth. It express Hokkaido’s attraction creatively.In addition, you can also join "Indigo dyeing workshop" in the 1st floor culture lounge.
 Why don’t you have luxurious comfort at a luxurious Japanese accomodation?

■ "Shikotsu-lake Tsuruga Aonoza"
Address: Shikotsuko Onsen,Chitose-shi, Hokkaido