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FANCL Offers Limited Cosmetics for Summer Featuring Trendy "Positive Colors"

FANCL, which sells health foods and supplements, including additive-free cosmetics, offers lip sticks and nail colors inspired of marine fashion with elegant atmosphere as "2019 summer limited makeup" from May 16 with limited quantities.

This time, the theme is "French Marine", and the lip sticks and the nail colors that create the sparkling expression matching with sunshine of summer. This years trend color "positive color" is characterized by vivid colors that make you feel energetic just by looking at it.

"Aqua Serum Lamb Rouge" (Camellia Pink) Limited color 1 color: 3132 yen (tax included) has moisturizing feature to moist lips avoiding dryness with the oil melts at the body temperature. It brings the natural reddish on the lips and make your lips look fluffy.

In addition, other cosmetics that make you look lovely and gorgeous are also available such as "Nail color" ("marine blue", "shell pink", "lemon yellow" and "pearl white") 864yen (tax included) featuring creating bright colors and protecting your nail, and "Volume Top Coat Quick Dry" ("Rainbow pearl") 864 yen (tax included) which create thick jell nail look instantly.

Why don’t you get them just for yourself and special gift to your important people?