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Season limited New Sweets At Saryo Tujiri Inspired of Lush Green Spring!

"Saryo Tsuriji" started selling a seasonally limited items for lush green spring from May 1 which is the first day of the new era Reiwa.

There are two items available. One is "Kunfu" in Gion main branch, the other is "Wakaba" which is only available in Isetan, Kyoto.

Gion Main Store Limited "Kunfu" 1350 yen (tax included) is a refreshing parfait using citrus, lemon and orange according to the season of fresh tea. It features crisp and light texture of matcha cookie and moisty Matcha lemon cake. In addition, fresh tea jelly and Matcha Streusel are also contained. It is very fun item with the combination of tea flavor and refreshing citrus ingredients finished in a pleasing manner.
Tokyo Isetan store limited "Wakaba" 1451 yen (tax-included) is lush green parfait with variety of green teas such as Sencha, Matcha tea, Roasted tea. It is a product that is packed with various textures such as tea jelly, green tea mochi, green tea macaron and green tea Streusel.

Enjoy those new refreshing sweets which is perfect to celebrate new era at “Saryo Tsuriji” where has 41 years of history.