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Towel gets more fluffy with more washing! Highly water absorption towel with soft on skin appears

Select EC shop for women "BONNE" offers "3 time more water absorption towel" on May 11!

"BONNE" is a trend magazine & shopping app for women based on the concept of "Make it true of adoring mature girls wishes”. There are a wide range of items with hint of trend, such as casual goods and cosmetics carefully selected by buyers, and make you happy every day.
"3 time more water absorption towel" is a new item from the brand "ROOM 4.U." that proposing comfortable living.
This towel is made with a special weave called switch pile, and the more it is washed, the more it gets fluffy. The left is before washing, the right is after washing. In addition, because it is made with 100% natural cotton, it has high absorbency, high air permeability and a soft texture.

It offers three different sizes like "bath towel" with 60 × 120 cm / 1880 yen (tax excluded), "Slim bath towel" with 34 × 120 cm / 1130 yen (tax excluded), "face towel" with 34 × 80 cm / 760 yen (tax excluded). The slim size is good to bring for gym occasions.