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Hello Kitty + Tokyo Sky Tree! Limited goods and sweets are available, too

A special collaboration event "Hello Kitty Anniversary in Tokyo SKYTREE" commemorating the 45th anniversary of the popular character Hello Kitty loved by a wide range of generations, will be held from May 7 to July 17 in Tokyo Sky Tree.In this event, under the theme of "An anniversary party on the cloud 450 m above the ground celebrating 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty", Tokyo Sky Tree official character Sorakara-chan and friends of Sanrio are celebrating the birth of Hello Kitty in the Sky Tree above the clouds.

At the turning point of Corridor floor 450 in the sky, "THE SKYTREE SHOP" opens as a special.
You can get special collaboration goods such as "Hello Kitty ★ Sorakara-chan 3 key chain" 1296 yen (tax included) which has charm of Sorakara-chan, Hello Kitty, Tokyo Sky Tree, a large size and excellent usability "tote bag" 2700 yen (tax included), and other limited-design collaboration goods that can only be available here.

In addition, for those who purchased over 2,500 yen (tax included) at this special shop, will be able to get the original shopper on a first-come-first-served basis.
In addition, "SKYTREE CAFE" of observatory deck floor 340, offers collaborated photogenic sweets such as "Candle cake-Anniversary party on the cloud" 1200 yen (tax included) and "Happy mood♪ marshmallow hot chocolate" 700yen (tax included) with colorful marshmallow,

There are lots of cute sweets that make you happy just even looking and that you want to take involuntarily photos.

Let’s celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty's birth while enjoying the view from Tokyo SkyTree!

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