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20 new patterns of yukata which are good for daily use appears

Stripe International and the corporate group Can, which are running the brand "earth music & ecology", will release 20 new yukatas from 15 brands.

This year's yukata has wide range of variations such as geometric pattern, classic flower pattern such as featuring plum, and chrysanthemum. Each brand is boasting their Yukata design.
"Retro floral + stripe yukata" by "earth music & ecology" is a colorful peonies and chrysanthemums that bloomed in the yukata like a summer firework. The Obi ‘belt" is also different style as general. Red, blue and green are available.
"Summer Grape pattern Yukata" appears from 'AMERICAN HOLIC'. A sober pattern with leaves and roses produces an adult atmosphere. This Yukata is designed as everyday wear. Ivory, dark and blue are available.
One pattern each for men’s and ladies appears by "Koe". As for ladies, "twisted plum pattern yukata" is flowers of various sizes scattered all over on it. Cool turquoise blue and mature navy are available.
"Men's Geometric Pattern Yukata" is simple repeating geometric pattern inspired of people’s "voice", which is also the origin of the brand name.

The price is 8990 yen (tax excluded) for all three sets of Yukata (yukata, belt, Japanese sandals). The advance reservation will be started from May 7 on EC site "STRIPE CLUB" and "CAN ONLINE SHOP", and it will be sold from June 14 at nationwide shops.

In addition, the Yukata’s renting service will be available at "MECHAKARI" from May 24.

If you have never wore a yukata before, why not go out with a nice yukata this summer.