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"Hotel Kanata Kyoto" facing the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle, Opens

"HOTEL CANATA KYOTO", which offers Kyoto's new way of enjoying "It's not there, Kyoto", was opened on April 25 bu Nijo Castle, the world heritage site."HOTEL CANATA KYOTO" is a contemporary style hotel with 16 rooms. Enjoy the overwhelming view of the World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle from the room, balcony and bathroom. It provides reasonable distance of service that is possible because rooms are only 16. This hotel gives you new choice of Kyoto stay.All the facilities in the room are perfect. All rooms have Bang & Olufsen smart speakers and rain showers. The recommended "CANATA Suite" has two rooms like "Matsu" based on green and "Sora" based on blue, and it has an open terrace with a width of 10 meters. Enjoy leisurely reading in the daytime, and spend a special time at night with opening champagne while watching the night view of Nijo Castle.The breakfast is supervised by the famous Japanese restaurant "Kinari" in Gaienmae, Tokyo, where incorporates modern methods while preserving tradition. You can eat Yuba, rice from Kyoto, grilled seasonal fish, hot dish made with soup stock, seasonal vegetables in a colorful and plentiful plate. You can choose two types such as "Wa" and "You" based on Japanese cuisine.Even People who think like "Kyoto is so crowded with full of foreign tourists recently" can be relaxed in the hotel like this in Kyoto.
14-1 Kitamachi 190, Karasuma-dori, Rokujo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto