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Swimming Pool which You Can Challenge Underwater Adventure OPEN at Suzuka Circuit!

The season with fun in water is coming soon! Let’s enjoy adventure at Suzuka Circuit in this summer.

"Adventure River", the flowing pool of "Aqua Adventure," where using natural topograph, such as river, waterfall, and swine in Suzuka Circuit, Mie Prefecture, will be renewed on June 29.

You are swimming to heading in the pool to be a true hero to look for "Power ring", a testimony of the hero, and adventure the ancient ruins.

People can enjoy adventure, discover, and experience in the summer with many tricks in the pool such as "Abare Fountain" where you can enjoy a feeling of pounding when the water flies away, and "Holy cup of courage" where you can feel the refreshment of water released on you with huge cup."Aqua Adventure" offers five pools according to age and growth, so all year range of people from adults to kids can enjoy there.

Opening period is from June 29 to September 8. The price is Pool ticket (admission fee + pool entrance) : adults 3100 yen / children 2100 yen / infant (3 to 15 years old) 1400 yen / senior (60 years old or more) 2700 yen. Also summer passport is available. Let’s make a plan to go!