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Happy Hour is Started at the Top Floor Bar of New Otani

Good news for those who want to drink with valuable price while enjoying superb Tokyo’s night vies! The Café and Bar "TOWER CAFÉ" located on the top floor of the Garden Tower at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo offers happy hours from 17:00 to 18:45 to enjoy over 40 cocktails, beer, wines, non-alcoholic cocktails with all 1000 yean each (tax and service charges not included)."TOWER CAFÉ" is located at 40th floor where is 144m from the ground. When you sit at the counter chair, the first thing you will see is the magnificent Tokyo Tower, which lighting up with beautiful orange. It has been the signature of night view in Tokyo for more than 60 years. "Happy Hour" is set at the time when the sun start to go down and the city shifts from sunset to dark. You can relax at the calm atmosphere in the hotel bar while looking at Akasaka’s magnificent night view which changing the expression every moment. Also, you can enjoy food dishes as well as drinks at the cafe. It offers 30 kinds of foods and sweets such as not only light nibbling but sandwich and desserts. Some of recommended dishes are "home-made rum raisin butter" 1100 yen (tax and sur chage excluded) and "US prime roast beef sandwiches & french fries" 2600 yen (tax and sur charges excluded) that got the highest ranking in American beef rating using prime beef are recommended.

For after-work refreshment, dinner’s aperitif, wrap up of the day, you can use it with many occasions. While watching the Tokyo Tower dyed along with setting sun, you can enjoy "happiness time" with breathtaking views.