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"J.S. BURGERS CAFÉ" Offers "Edo with American" Fair!

The American style hamburger shop "J.S. BURGERS CAFÉ" will hold "Oedo x AMERICAN Fair" at all branches from April 17 to June 25.

At this fair, foods that reproduced the Japanese traditional foods such as "Sukiyaki", "Sushi" and "Tempura" unique to the classic American foods such as "Hamburger", "Sandwich" and "Popcorn Shrimp".

The main "Sukiyaki bacon cheeseburger" with black sesame pepper potato 1380 yen (tax excluded) is a burger that is made with sliced thin beef, sweet soy sauce and simmering egg yolk sauce. It matched well with aged smoked bacon, grilled green onion, melted gouda cheese and garland chrysanthemum, accented with Japanese citrus peel and Japanese citrus pepper.
"Roast beef sushi sandwich" 1280 yen with black sesame pepper potato (tax excluded) is a sandwich that combines fatty and soft roast beef, and Japanese ingredients that inspired by beef on sushi. The fresh and spicy of chopped Wasabi accented the juicy beef, with Aioli sauce with plum and red persimmon. Various flavors and textures such as Oba lieaf and seaweed butter are also good accent, too."Tempura shrimp with honey plum tartare sauce" 780 yen (tax excluded) is a dish dipping with the sweet and sour mayonnaise sauce of plum meat and honey."Miso clam chowder" 350 yen (tax excluded) is a soup that added Japanese flavor to the traditional American style soup with spring onion and ginger.
Following "Oedo x AMERICAN Fair", it have a campaign to giveaway its original desinged skateboard decks. Among the people who will post the foods for the fair on Instagram, 3 people will receive "J.S. BURGERS CAFE" original designed skateboard deck created by "YU SUDA" x Seogado.