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"Filterable Water Bottle with a Bottle Cover and Active Belt" Appeared with Limited Numbers!

"fill & go Active", a bottle with a portable water filter function that works both indoors and out. Appeared with limited numbers!

"fill & go Active" is an item that can filter tap water and you can drink delicious water by attaching the filtration cartridge "Micro Disc Cartridge" on the lid.

The body is a squeezable soft material, so you can easily push out the water just by holding the container, so it's also perfect for hydration when you want to drink water! In addition, because you can use tap water to fill the bottle outside, you don’t have to carry extra as well as economical.
This time, as it comes with the bottle cover with a shoulder belt, it is more convenient to use for many occasions such as bringing to school and outdoor usage.

As the bottle cover has cooling function to make more comfortable to use it in summer and can also prevent dripping of water on the surface.

The colorful drip pattern on the cover that boosting cheerful atmosphere matches well with any of the body color variations such as blue, pink, lime and purple.
"fill&go with a bottle cover and active belt" will be available in limited quantities at nationwide supermarkets, DIY stores, home appliance stores and net shops from April 17. Don’t miss out fot the coming summer!