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Special Baked Sweets with Rare Fruit "Shonan Gold"!

To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the hotel opening, Kawasaki Nikko Hotel offers a special pound cake and marmalade using rare fruit "Shonan Gold" at Natura cafe restaurant on the 10th floor from April 15.

"Shonan Gold Pound Cake" 2200 yen (tax and service charges included) and the "Shonan Gold Marmalade" 1200 yen (tax and service charges) will be released this time. Because of the limited quantity, it will finish selling as soon as sold out.

"Shonan Gold" is a rare original citrus developed by Kanagawa Prefecture, which is a mixture of Golden Orange and Onshu orange.

The Shonan Gold Pound Cake, which is made to feature the juicy, elegant sweetness and unique refreshing aroma of Shonan Gold, is a sophisticated taste with the moist texture as if it is made like high class hotel.

"Shonan gold marmalade" is carefully baked using a whole fruit.

The rare sweets with full of beautiful aroma and taste of "Shonan Gold is alsdo perfect for souvenirs. How about choosing it as a seasonal gift for your loved one?

■"Kawasaki Nikko Hotel"
Address: 1, Nisshincho, Kawasaki, Kanagawa