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45th Anniversary of Hello Kitty! Classic Hello Kitty are Back!

Sanrio will offer "Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Series" items for mature ladies commemorating the 45th anniversary of "Hello Kitty" from April 17.

It will have 19 items for the series. It will rearrange popular hello Kitty series from the 1980s and 1990s such as "Teddy Series," "Monotone Series," and "Pearl Series," based on the concept of "Meet my Kitty" for the old good days. Let's check out those items!
This is the 45th anniversary item of "Teddy Series". All are based on the retro atmosphere at the time Kitty debuted, such as the nostalgic "Soft toy" 3888 yen (tax included), "Mascot holder" 2160 yen (tax included), "Tissue pouch" 1296 yen (tax included).
For the "Monotone series", modern looking items are lined such as "Sacosh" 2700 yen (tax included) and "Pouch" 2160 yen (tax included) using fabrics that were used for bags often before, and "Multi smartphone case" 4104 yen (tax included) as a new.For "Pearl series", which triggered the appearance of high school girls called "Kittyler" (Kitty lover), it will appear "2WAY plastic bag" 4860 yen (tax included) and "Vinyl pouch" 1944 yen (Tax included) using plastic material with aurora processing, "Face-shaped cushion" using polyester fabric 2160 yen (tax included). Despite the nostalgia of the 1990s, it is now an easy-to-use item.
In addition to these 3 series, "Mini flat porch" which collects all generation’s Hello Kitty's design is available with 486 yen each (tax-included).

You can share your hello Kitty memories with your family and friends while remembering the old good days. They are available at nationwide Sanrio shops and others.

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