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Collaboration Cafe "Snoopy Museum Exhibition x CAFE Lab." Appeared!

A Collaboration Café with Snoopy "Snoopy Museum Exhibition x CAFE Lab." Will be opened from April 13 to June 16 at Knowledge Capital "Cafe Lab" on the 1st floor of North building of Grand Front Osaka.

This collaboration cafe is a joint project with the exhibition "Hello Osaka! The Best of Peanuts has arrived. The Snoopy Museum Exhibition", which is also being held at Grand Front Osaka. It offers 6 dishes only available here.
"Snoopy and the rabbit friendly curry" 1800 yen (tax included) is a lovely dish that displays Snoopy and a rabbit that became friends at the day of rabbit hunt on the beef curry with beef patty."Snoopy Takoyaki Dock & Potato (with Peanut Mustard)" ¥ 1200 (tax included) is a unique dish featuring Osaka’s popular food Takoyaki sandwiched on natural yeast bread.Other dishes and drinks are also featured the unique characters of Snoopy such as "Spike grilled marshmallow & peanut pancake" 1,500 yen (tax included), "Lovely Snoopy latte" 700 yen (tax included), "Starry night and Charlie Brown (mango tapioca & nata de coco)" 900 yen (tax included) and "Snoopy Hot Dock & Potato (with Peanut Mustard)" 1200 yen (tax included).

Please enjoy the lovely collaboration café and "Snoopy museum exhibition" together!

Adress: 1st floor of North building of Grand Front Osaka, 3−1, Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka

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