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Magnificent View with 720000 Tulips! "Sakura Tulip Festa"

"Sakura Tulip Festa", which features full of colorful tulips with Dutch windmills, will be held from March 30!
"SakueTulip Festa" will be held 31st this year, which is same age as Heisei era, and 100 types and about 7200,000 tulips will be spread out this year. There are lots of fun events such as Dutch traditional costume rental, tulip pickings, street organ play, and windmills events will be held in Sakura Furusato Square.At Sakura Furusato Square, new Instagramable spot featuring language of flowers will be appeared and a photo contest will be held in the period. Please post images that you shoot with #春ふぉと佐倉 to the Instgram Accout.
Soft serve ice cream made with Sakura milk and Sakura Matcha tea is one of popular sweets at the venue. There are lots of local products and vegetables in the venue. Also, tulip Sable, Miffy Sable, and Miffy goods are appeared for limited time. And, there are nursing rooms for babies and small children.

The farmer's market "Marche Kashima" across the venue also sells fresh local vegetables, bread using rice flour, soft serve cream using Sakura made milk and other sweets.Furthermore, you can take a tour trip on Inba-numa lake with Inba-numa tour boat (about 40 minutes).Also, reantal bicycles are available. You can also borrow two-seater tandem bikes and rare bicycles from bicyle country Netherlands. The fee is from 500 yen per bicycle. Enjoy the cycling road along the shores of Inba-numa Lake.
"Sakura Tulip Festa" is held from 9 am to 4 pm, March 30 to April 21. admission is free. Check the "Sakura Tulip Festa" site for further details.

You may feel like you are in Netherlands! Let’s make nice memory there with the last spring of Heisei,

■ "Sakura Furusato Square"
Address: 2714 Usuida, Sakura, Chiba