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Enjoy Ueno Perfectly! The Common Admission Ticket for 20 Facilities in Ueno Available

Ueno has full of cultural facilities such as museums, museums and zoos. It has good news for those who want to enjoy Ueno.

From April 1st, the common admission ticket "UENO WELCOME PASSPORT" which covers the cultural facilities in the Ueno area will be available.

For "UENO WELCOME PASSPORT", you can enter 9 permanent facilities for each such as Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Ueno Zoo, The Former Iwasaki House Garden, Shimomachi Customs Museum, Asakura Sculpture Museum, Ueno Toshogu Shrine, Former Tokyo Music School Concert Hall.

In addition to the above, there is also a passport with a "Special Exhibition Ticket" available, which you can enter one of the designated special exhibitions like the Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, National Western Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and the Tokyo University of the Arts Museum.

Also,at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the National Diet Library International Children's Library, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art and Architecture, if you show the passport to enter, you will get the special postcard as the complimentary gift!

The sale and usage period is from April 1 to September 30. The prices are 2000 yen (tax included) for "Admission tickets for permanent exhibitions", 3000yen (tax included) for "Admission tickets for permanent exhibitions with special exhibitions”. Let’s enjoy Ueno for the coming six months from blooming Spring to Autumn!