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A New Style Fabric Brand Features Traditional "Kyo-Yuzen" Dyeing Opens!

A new style fabric brand "iromori" which sells hand painted fabrics painted by kyo-yuzen dyeing craftsmen will open new branch on March 16th.
"iromori" is the brand that includes the meaning of "protecting color" in Japanese. Using the traditional hand-painted Yuzen technique, which has been cultivated long time in Kyoto area, craftsmen from Tomihiro Dyeing factory create original fabrics.

While taking into consideration daily use such as clothes, fashion accessories and interiors as well as overseas extensions, they made 115 cm width fabric, which was unthinkable from conventional kimono fabric sizes.
You can by the cut fabrics with 10-cm increments with 30 cm of vertical width at the newly open shop. Also 4 colors are available for each pattern with adding the "iromori" original color messages.

We should keep eye on "iromori" which opens up new possibilities for Kyo-yuzen!

■ "iromori"
Address: 175-9, Nishiiri Fudomachi, Takoyakushi Shinmachi, Chukyo-ku, Kyoto