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Achi Village in Nagano Boasting "Japan's Best Starry Sky" Holds Special Event!

Achi Village, located at the southern end of Nagano Prefecture, is a quiet mountain village known for "Hirugami hot spring" and "Hanamomo no Sato". In addition, it is also well known for "the village with beautiful Japanese stars" ranked the first place (2006) of "the place suitable for the observation of stars" in the national starry sky observation conducted by the Ministry of the Environment."Sky of paradise Winter Night Tour 2018 STARS BY NAKED" which has been held in Fujimidai Kogen Ropeway Heavens Sonohara will offer a special event "SNOW PLANET IN ACHIMURA" for 2 days of March 30 and 31 by the Performing Arts Company "enra".At the winter limited starry sky entertainment event "Natural Paradise Winter Night Tour 2018 STARS BY NAKED", you can enjoy projection mapping, the super planetarium MEGASTAR-II with a 15m diameter dome installed outdoors to enjoy 10 million stars in the starry sky, and admire stars far away with a telescope. In addition to those, at the special event "SNOW PLANET IN ACHIMURA", you can also enjoy the show fused with images and dance performed by "enra".This is the rare opportunity to enjoy top-class performances while looking at Japan's best starry sky. For more information about the event, check on the "Star Village Achi Visitor Promotion Council" website.