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"Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace Cafe" will Open Temporally in Omotesando, Tokyo

In order to publicize "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten", Nagoya Castle General Office will start a campaign "Hello GORGEOUS!" from March 15 where you can experience the gorgeous Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace.
"Nagoya Castle Honmaru Goten Cafe" as a part of the event "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace" will temporarly open in Omotesando, Tokyo from March 15 to 17. Junji Takada, the campaign character who has been popular for long time in Nagoya, whose gorgeous golden banner is the sign of the shop.In the cafe, in order to experience the charm of "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace", it will prepare walls decorations like Fusuma paintings, Edo columns, wall paintings in the cafe where will be great for photo shoots.
During the event, it is said that Ieyasu Tokugawa who belongs in "Nagoya hospitality warrior command" will stay in the cafe and answer anything related to Nagoya, such as history of Nagoya, about Edo era, and Ieyasu Tokugawa himself.

In addition, "Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace Cafe" will offer the original Japanese sweets which featuring "Awaited spring in Honmaru Palace" collaborated with Japanese sweets shop "ICHIDA" where is the traditional Japanese confectionery shop descended from Kikyoya, the Tokugawa’s favorite sweet shop. You can enjoy gorgeous Japanese sweet and experience gorgeous Honmaru Palace atmosphere together there.
"Early Spring set" 1100 yen (tax included) can be ordered as a set with assorted small Japanese sweets "Higashi" and favorite drink. Higashi is unique but common sweets for tea time in Owari (old Nagoya). You can enjoy those unique texture such as a mochi covered with rice sprinkles (White egg is used for the flower petals).
"Anko Castle set" 900 yen (tax included), a set of raw confectioneries and drinks, is a sweet that looks like Nagoya Castle with four mochi balls, made of white red beans and Ise sweet potato, which are unique products in Owari. The Yellow color images gold killer whales, pink images cherry blossoms, green images pine tree, and blue images water moats.

You can select the set drink from "coffee with golden leaf" (warm and drip) or "green tea with golden leaf" (cold and Nishio brand green tea used).Also, the cafe will also sell products from the two brands "marimomen" and "cucuri" that convey the charm of Nagoya’s traditional art craft "Arimatsu Narumi Shibori" which has more than 400 years history.
The first 50 people who will purchase the original Japanese sweets set or products sold in the cafe will receive a complimentary gifs such as Nagoya's popular item "Mya-Mya goods" every day. The 15th is "Notepad", the 16th is "Ball point pen", and the 17th is "Masking tape".

"HELLO GORGEOUS!-Let's play with gorgeous." is a campaign to appeal the charm of the Honmaru Palace to the whole country by broadcasting commercial with Junji Takada on YouTube, Instagram as well as opening the cafe. It will screen a history drama depicting "Osaka no Jin” and “Wedding ceremony of Yoshinao’s Princess Haru" to promote Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace. In addition, AR memorial photography photo booth will be set in there so that you can feel going back to 400 years ago and experience the gorgeous Honmaru palace experience.

■"ZeroBase Omotesando"
Address: 5-1-25, Minami Aoyama Tokyo