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"Flame Grilled Chicken Thigh" and "Roasted Coffee" are Available! New Cooking Tool for Outdoor

The outdoor brand "LOGOS" has released an outdoor cooking item "Charcoal grill for chicken thigh", that can be enjoyed Izakaya (Japanese pub) style foods in the outdoor area. The price is 3700 yen (tax excluded). In addition to the LOGOS retail stores, it is available at nationwide famous sports chain stores and home centers."Charcoal grill for chicken thigh" is an authentic flame-grilled tool with the stainless steel net to cook flame cooking dishes such as chicken thigh Yakitori. The entrance is large opening and it is easy to put big pieces in there.In addition, because of the lid, you can also make popcorn as snacks to enjoy seeing the popcorn popping in the net. It would be the very useful tool for outdoor occasions with big family and friend groups.Besides, it is also good for roasting coffee beans and ginkgo, and you can enjoy varieties of foods with your ideas.As the handle is foldable, it's also nice to be able to carry and store compactly.

It would be so luxury that you can enjoy quality pub foods and freshly made popcorn at outdoor! Check it out!