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Special Liquor Matching with Mackerel Dishes Appears by Ibaraki's Brewery

"Saba de CHU", a preeminent liquor compatible with mackerel, is on sale on March 8th which is actually "a day of mackerel"!

This liquor is made specially to enjoy eating mackerel with, and it has been tested repeatedly to be able to enjoy mackerel in Ibaraki prefecture boasting the largest catch in Japan."SABA de CHU" with two sesame mackerels kissing on the package, featuring a pleasing faint lemon scent, has a desire to have couple to enjoy drinking it casually."SABA de CHU" is manufactured by "Meirisyurui" which is a long-established brewery manufacturer in Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture. "Kato Shuzo shop" founded in the Ansei year at the end of the Edo Period is the predecessor, and it became a corporation as "Meirisyurui" in Showa 25 (1950).
Since then, it exports to overseas not only distilled liquor and alcohol beverages but Sake, Shochu, other liquor (such as plum with shochu) as an alcoholic beverage maker.

Please try the new type of alcohol with various mackerels dishes such as pickled mackerels, mackerel with miso and grilled mackerel that was made by long established brewery!