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Enjoy "Phantom Flower"! "Christmas Rose Exhibition" at Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden will hold "Christmas rose exhibition -phantom flower Helleborus Thibetanus-" featuring Christmas roses like "Helleborus Thibetanus" from March 16 to 31 for the first time.

"Helleborus Thibetanus" which is so called "phantom Christmas rose" is a deciduous Christmas rose with a height of 30 to 50 cm. The flowers start scarlet at first, but afterward they change color to green.

"Helleborus Thibetanus" donated by the Japan Thibetanus Association in 2016 has become one of the largest clusters in Japan, and the number is 200 shares. It is only Rokko alpine botanical garden in Kansai that you can see the open-field cultivation close to natural habitat.

Also it will exhibit 13 kinds of Christmas rose pots, displays panels to show Christmas rose’s ecology of detail, and sells valuable Christmas rose flower seedlings only available here.

Rokko alpine botanical garden opens from 10:00 to 17:00 (reception is closed at 16: 30). Admission fee is adult (junior high school student or above) 620 yen, children (4 yrs old to emelentary school student) 310 yen.

All visitors visit before April 30 will receive complimentary gift as "Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden Calendar", so do not miss this opportunity!

■"Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden"
Address: 4512-150, Kita Rokko, Rokko-Sancho, Nadaku, Kobe